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We sell most of our animals as custom. This means you own it at the time of butcher, we simply take care of everything for your cow. This allows us to butcher it in a small, local  and clean butcher shop the old school way. Your beef will be harvested and processed by the same butcher with the help of his assistant. This is very important. 


Years in Agriculture


Generations of Farming


Acres of Pasture


Focus: Oklahoma’s Best Beef

Integrity you can taste.

We are natural, grass/pasture raised, ethical and environmentally conscious beef producers. Our cows are on pasture everyday and all day long. They receive clean, natural rain water that is caught in our pond systems. Our calves spend their entire life with their mama, until we wean them (for the health of the mama). Nursing a 500 pound kid gets tiring. Using low-stress weaning methods, we never separate calves from their mothers. If this is done, it can cause high stress and rapid weight loss in both cow and calf. We simply place a barrier where the calf can still see, smell, and lick mama, but it can’t nurse, causing it to learn to live off of grass. This is a very low stress method for both animals. It is also ethical, while producing the best beef possible.

Our Story

Over the Years


Both of my Granddads (Papa Goldsmith & PaPa Owens) started farming and raising cattle on the farms that my Mom and Dad would grow up on.

My Father, Bobby Owens, started his own Farm where he did mostly row cropping, and some livestock.
I started my Farm with 12 cows and 1 bull after losing my mother to Breast Cancer. The Name ARO Farms is in honor of her. My name is Austin Ray Owens, initials ARO, and my mom being the creative fun-loving woman she was, thought she’d start putting little arrows on my school supplies in elementary school. It stuck, and now we have ARO Farms, pronounced Arrow Farms.
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